Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Heard of such stuff @ any other puja around in Bangalore ?
  • AnandaMela - Food festival (& needless to say, stalls everyday)
  • Dandia
  • Dance-Puppetry-Film
  • Pot Painting Competition
  • Casual Song Gathering aka “Maddox Square Recreated” (I am waiting to see what this will turn out to be with all the talented and not so talented around ... ;))

And we have the usual fare of Dance Recitals, Bouquet of Songs etc; only performed by some extraordinary groups:
  • “Arjaman” (Kolkata)
  • “Creations” (Kolkata)
  • Debajyoti Ghosh Group
  • “Trinoyonee” (Bablu Mukherjee Group)
  • Baul Gaan by Raju Das
  • and the ever effervescent and energized Youth from Jayamahal !

Check the schedule on the left for details, yeah scroll down ...
If you miss any of these dont blame us that we did not inform you .............

Right from the 27th of September upto the 2nd of October 2006.


Ajit Narayan said...

great to find your blog! Impressive posts. I am new to Bangalore, looking for a comprehensive list of Pujo's in Bangalore and locations/addresses... miss the Pujo spotting in Kolkata very badly... can you help? We will most certainly be visiting your Pandal soon...

Shamit Bagchi said...

do come over to our pujo and a more comprehensive list is here: