Monday, September 18, 2006

Old memories

It's been 10 years this year that I haven't been to the Joymahal pujas.

Something that was a fairly regular part of my life for the roughly first 16 years of my life.

Some wonderful memories associated with the little ground off Nandi Durga road.

Probably the earliest memory I have of the place is getting a prize for a recitation competition. I guess I was four years old. The book - a Moby Book edition of David Copperfield - is still with me.

Mostly, my memories of the pujas in Joymahal involve the great bhogs of the afternoons, and some memorable 'hanging out' in the evenings. I guess that was the only 'hanging out' we guys were allowed to do at the time - and the semi supervised state of relative freedom was utilized to the hilt by many of us.

I agree with my buddy Rick that this pujo is run by some of the nicest people. I don't know about the people having funds , or the place being cramped - but the Joymahal pujos were all I knew during those five great days every year. I don't agree with the space bit, because as far as I can recall, it was the space in the grounds I used to enjoy the most - all the running around and jumping about.'s fair to say that I'm looking forward to walking down the same roads this year....after ages. Call it nostalgia, but I'm looking forward to it more than I've looked forward to anything else I can recall in the recent past.

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